Enhancements in E-drawings

Visualization is critical to engineering organisations.


E-drawings 2016 includes many enhancements to improve this process.


Image 1

Measuring is now more consistent, as e drawings uses the same units as the original document, reducing errors of interpretation.


Image 2

Image 3

Multiple view topics now let you quickly and easily navigate between opened documents as well as views, keeping the focus on exactly what is relevant.


Image 4

E-drawings 2016 also now supports all of the assembly annotations in 3-D views created in SolidWorks.


Image 5

Click on exploded view to explode the assembly.


Image 6

Improving communication by removing the reliance on complex 2-D drawings.


Make sure that show components description is checked.


Image 7

Component’s descriptions are now visible in the components column, making it easier to understand the structure of the assembly.


Image 8

Image 9

Manipulation of models is also much improved in edrawings 2016.


When you are zoomed out, the rotation is always about the center of the model other than the center of the scene.


Image 10

When you are zoomed in on a model, the rotation is about the mouse pointer, making it much easier to understand the geometry.


Image 11

Exploded view is the best way to understand how products go together, edrawings supports radial as well as axial explosions.


Edrawings improve the communication design with the user throughout the designing process.


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