Enhancements for Milling in SOLIDWORKS CAM 2019

SOLIDWORKS CAM 2019 introduces new productivity enhancements that will tremendously reduce your programming time. It has a new custom tool and corner slow down options that increase the tool life and will greatly improve the surface finish. You can also apply the functions of configuration so that you can define different manufacturing set-ups and operations on a part.
SOLIDWORKS CAM is available in two versions: SOLIDWORKS CAM Standard and SOLIDWORKS CAM Professional. The SOLIDWORKS CAM Standard is included in any SOLIDWORKS license that has subscription service while SOLIDWORKS CAM Professional can be purchased separately that can be used with SOLIDWORKS Standard, SOLIDWORKS Professional, and SOLIDWORKS Premium.
Here are some of the sensational new feature in SOLIDWORKS CAM 2019:
SOLIDWORKS CAM Configurations


With these configurations in SOLIDWORKS CAM 2019, you can save more time and enables you to define various manufacturing setups in a part or assembly.

Corner Slowdown and Arc Feed Rate


By enabling corner slowdown, it allows you to enter different feed rates for arcs and sharp corners based on the distance that will improve tool life and surface finish. Arc feed rates are calculated based on radiuses of your part.

Technology Database


In Technology Database, it can provide your NC programmers that use multiple machine tools, a greater advantage that gives them an option to define various machining strategies and assign them to any given machine.

Hole Start and End position


You can set positions for the hole start and end positions of your drilling operations that will give you greater flexibility. This new productivity enhancement will eliminate the need to create another construction geometry.

Move Command


Using Move command enables you to specify a value on X, Y and Z, if you want to move a selected feature to a different location. It also eliminated the need for editing the model geometry or the NC program without extra rework that is often necessary.



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