Driveworksxpress is a utility provided with every module of solidworks, this utility automates the designing process by making infinite variations of models with similar logic of design. This tool requires one time set up and can be run again and again.

Image 1

To run this tool, go to command manager and click on evaluation tab and go to driveworksxpress.


This model will be used to understand the use of this feature.


Step-By-Step usage:


Image 2

This is the option menu for driveworksxpress select create change database and click on ‘next’.


Image 3

Make sure that the working model is open in solidworks and click on ‘use current open model’ then next.


Image 4

On the next, click on add to add the features that you want to control.


Image 5

Select the feature and give its name.


Name can indicate the control of feature like length for the length of rectangular shape.


Image 6

Here 3 features will be controlled width, length and height.


These are given with various values which can be easily edited.


Now all the customer has to do is to input the values and model with those dimensions will be automatically designed thus saving a lot of time in modelling a no. of designs with similar design techniques.


Image 7

Image 8

These images represent the input of different values to the controlled part.


Note that in final design, user has to select one of these values to let solidworks automate design.


Image 9

These are different controlling parameters.


Image 10

Then, select ‘edit all rules’ and click next.


Image 11

Next, to run this tool, enter different controlling parameters, when you will click next, design will be altered to new dimensions.


Image 12

Click next to again select different parameters and create a new design with different dimensions.

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