In this text tutorial we are going to understand how to create 2 dimensional drawings from 3 dimensional drawings in Solidworks.


Industries are changing, now a days if you want somebody to understand your model, you send them 3-D model of your product. But for record keeping purposes, 2-D drawing is a necessity.


And hence, it is important to understand how to draw your 3-D models into 2-D drawings in SolidWorks.


TIP: Drawing file names have the extension .slddrw. A new drawing takes the name of the first model inserted. The name appears in the title bar. When you save the drawing, the name of the model appears in the Save As dialog box as the default file name, with the default extension .slddrw. You can edit the name before saving the drawing document.


Step by step use :


Image 1


We are going to work with this model, transform this 3-D model into 2-D drawings.


Image 2


go to new-> make drawing from part/assembly.


Image 3


This option menu will pop up, this menu asks the user to define the page size. (Explained later)


For now select ‘A’ and click ok.


Image 4


This above image shows the drawing sheet, the already sketched lines are called format of the drawing. This is the space where you write your name and other details of material including index of the model.


Image 5


This is the drawing pallet in SolidWorks.


We can see below that there are different views of our model.


To draw these on our sheet, we can just drag and drop one of the view to the sheet that we just created.


Image 6


We are going to drag and drop the front view from the drawing pallet to the sheet.


Next, what we can do is move our mouse to create more views, for instance moving mouse towards right or left of the front view will create side view of the model.


Image 7


Similarly, move your mouse to the top to create top view and at an angle to create isometric view.


Image 8


views created on the sheet.


Image 9


There are different angles of drawing.


In SolidWorks, by default, we create drawings in 3rd angle.


To change this angle to first,


Right click on sheet and go to properties.


Image 10


Select first angle and click ok.


Image 11


To dimension the drawings go to model items.


Image 12


Select these options in the pallet to see all the dimensions of the drawing.


Image 13


Front and top views with dimensions.


Image 14


You can change the text written in the dimensions too.


This feature is available from SolidWorks 2010.


You can save your created drawings in pdf format and mail it to your costumer.


Image 15


Image 16