Drawing section is the third section of Solidworks, it is used to make two dimensional engineering drawing for different component made in solidworks.
This section is similar to the AutoCAD software but with different features, which I think makes it easier to use compare to other CAD software’s available.
This section can be accessed in different way.
First is as you open your solidworks software click on new file and select the drawing section
drawing Section in solidworks
Another is when you are in the component or assembly section click on file in the top menu and select make drawing from component or assembly

drawing Section in solidworks
Upon opening the drawing section on solidworks it you be show in a tab to select a drawing sheet

drawing Section in solidworks
Select the type of drawing sheet you would require after this a default template of the sheet opens. To edit the template left click on the sheet and select cancel

drawing Section in solidworks

Then left click again on the sheet and select the properties of the sheet which would open a tab

drawing Section in solidworks
In this tab you would be able to select the type of projection to be used in the drawing, the scale of the drawing and name of the sheet. It is also possible to edit the margin line in this windows by clicking on the second tab the zone parameters

drawing Section in solidworks
Editing the sheet to your liking click on ok. it is also possible to edit the title block in the sheet
On the left menu bar click on sheet1 or the name you have given to the sheet then double click on the sheet format 1

drawing Section in solidworks

This would turn the title block blue. When it is blue you can change the default writings and adjust the lines in the block.
Finally exit the sheet from the top right of the screen and save your new edited sheet/template by clicking on file then save as and select the file type as drawing template

The benefit of saving the template is that you do not have to make this modifications to your sheet every time you want to make a drawing.

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