Detailing in solidworks has always been easy, solidworks 2016 takes it to the next level.

Flag notes are a great way to document design into a bullet list.

Image 1

Balloons or numbers can be then referred to the model as shown.

Image 2

Previously, this was all manual but with solidworks 2016, you can organize and control them within a convenient flag note bank, you can assign a specific border to the flag note for example a triangle.

Image 3

Image 4

Solidworks 2016 also brings some nice enhancements to stack balloons, you can either sort the balloons numerically or you can do it alphabetically.

Solidworks 2016, introduces a new faster way to change the sheet scale directly from the status bar.

Image 5

When creating dimensions from a point, either in sketch or in drawing, the first selection now remains valid, even if you accidentally click in a blank space.

Image 6

Creating and editing drawing border has always been manual but solidworks 2016, introduces automatic border tool to accelerate the process.

Image 7

After editing the sheet format, the title of the block can be hidden before we start to automatically define borders for the sheet.

Image 8

Image 9

Zone size is easy to define, either a 50mm spacing or even spaced rows and columns.

Image 10

When zooming in you can see that the zone formatting is also very intuitive.

This new capability really takes the efforts out of creating borders for a drawing.

The new performance evaluation tool in solidworks 2016, checks for common issues that will affect the open and rebuild time, giving you valuable feedback on the elements of a complex drawing that would have otherwise slowed you down.

Image 11

These enhancements on drawing means less time spent in making 2d model reports and more time for actual modelling of the product.

Image 12

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