To succeed in today’s medical device manufacturing industry, product designers must not only create innovative medical products but also navigate an increasingly challenging regulatory environment. SolidWorks® Premium software can help you meet this challenge. Powerful part definition and industrial design tools foster product innovation while integrated software prototyping and comprehensive design management capabilities support regulatory compliance. With SolidWorks software, you can quickly develop and analyze medical devices and components. SolidWorks Premium can help you meet these challenges by delivering a complete, easy-to-use, and simple-to-administer solution.


With SolidWorks software, you have the necessary core product definition, collaboration, manufacturing, and documentation tools to beat competitors to market. In addition, a wide range of powerful, integrated analysis capabilities allow you to evaluate the performance of your design concepts as you create them. Whether you need to evaluate fluid flow, mechanical stresses, or the effects of temperature, SolidWorks Premium enables you to analyze designs quickly without ever leaving your familiar modelling environment.


By utilizing the assembly and component configuration management capabilities in SolidWorks Premium, you can develop and manage families of assemblies and parts with different dimensions, materials, capacities, and other properties. SolidWorks software makes it easy to manage the decision-making process. You can store and track each version of a design along with the analysis results and other details that document the engineering decision-making process. With SolidWorks software, you also have the necessary surfacing capabilities for developing a modern, flowing style that is as visually appealing as it is functional and bring them to market faster.


Using SolidWorks software, you can easily create a feature-based parametric model of your design concept that captures all the information needed to define the product, as well as manage the change and documentation process. Core capabilities include sophisticated solid modelling features, such as lofts, variable-radius fillets, shells, and draft angles. You may need access to these features in order to define the geometry, function, and manufacturability of complex medical devices. With the ability to visualize designs in 3D, you can identify potential problems before investing additional money in the product development process.


Robust collaboration, automated rapid prototyping, and integrated manufacturing applications can help you bring validated designs to market faster than the competition. The integrated SolidWorks Premium environment can help you design more innovative medical devices faster and at less risk, while at the same time providing you with the data management and version control tools you need to document your design process from start to finish, ensuring that your design complies with all applicable regulatory requirements.

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