Defining a mill-turn operation

CAMWorks is a very powerful and intuitive tool, it gives you the flexibility that you need by providing solutions for both milling and turning at the same time.

It lets you perform all these operations under one setup, thus reducing workload. CAMWorks also has an automatic feature recognition tool that assist users in identifying the machinable parts automatically and subsequently generating their respective tool paths.

I will do a simple part to demonstrate this capability in CAMWorks.



Looking at the part above, we require both a mill and a turn. Therefore when defining our machine we will select the mill turn machine.


Once you have defined your machine and stock, it’s time to run the AFR (Automatic feature recognition) tool.


Notice that the AFR tool identifies the two setups (mill part setup and turn setup).


Proceed to generate the operation plan for the various operations then subsequently generate the tool path. For the mill part setup, we will be required to define our own machining parameters for the slot.


We do this by defining a new 2.5 axis feature under a new mill part setup.


In the first dialog select the type of feature as a slot. Then define the starting conditions.


Next, we define the end conditions.


Once you have done this you can then proceed to generate the operation plan for the slot. Follow this by generating the respective tool paths.

Simulate the tool path to visualize how the parts get machined. You can then modify the operation plans to suit your requirements.



With CAMWORKS mill-turn you get fast and accurate tool paths easily, which gives you consistent results. CAMWORKS is a unique and intuitive tool that allows designers and engineers to accomplish the most daunting of tasks.

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