Creating Sheet Metal Designs- Step by Step illustration

Solidworks 2016 brings new enhancements to the way you create sheet metal designs.


Image 1

The ability to create complex structures has always been a powerful feature in solidworks and now you can cut standard or defined cuts through the bend regions taking the guess work out of designing while creating complex designs.


Image 2

Solidworks 2016 lets you work faster using the new updates, now you can quickly access the sub-assemblies you want to work on.


Image 3

Edge flanges is widely used feature in sheet metal design, and solidworks, now allows you extend it beyond the attachment edge.


Image 4

To complete the design of this bracket, you can add an edge flange to the bracket.


Image 5

Next, set the orientation parallel to the existing face.


The preview shows the default attachment, but after editing the flange now you can simply use profile.


Image 6

Using profile is simple, just drag the plane to wherever you want, no need of creating new sketches.


Image 7

For this flange, it can be dragged to match existing geometry or moved out to the required shape.


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