Creating Section Views

Section views in many CAD modelling software are useful in revealing internal features of a part some of which may be obscured. Features like sunk holes with varying diameters at different depths may be difficult to identify unless with the help of section views. SOLIDWORKS is able to create section views based of the multi-views of a part (front, side or plan view). Section views can either be

  • Half section
  • Full section

A full section involves using a cutting plane perpendicular to a given view cutting the view into two halves. With this you can be able to see the internal features of the part. I will use the simple part below to demonstrate this capability.

As can be seen you need to first create the model of the part from which a drawing can be derived. To create the drawing just move to the file tab and select make drawing from part. Doing this moves you to the drawing functionality inside SOLIDWORKS that allows you create multi-views of an existing part.

The first tab that is pulled up lets you to choose the sheet you would like your drawing to be done in.

Clicking on ok creates the sheet. The window on your right lets you choose he drawing you would want as your base view.

Once you have done this you can then proceed to create the full section on the front view.

To do this go to the section view icon and click on it.

Here you have the option of choosing any orientation of the cutting plane i.e. it can either be horizontal or vertical.

Once you have positioned your cutting plane in the appropriate position you can then click on the green marker. You can then place your sectioned view at the required position.

The procedure for creating the half section is similar to that for the full section. The only difference is that in the half section only have of the sectioned view is visible.



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