Creating a knurl pattern in SOLIDWORKS

Surfaces on machine parts sometimes require a rough finish so as to enhance grip when held by the hand.

Knowing how to create a knurl impression becomes useful so that a machinist knows when to emboss such a feature on a pattern. There are several ways in which you can create a knurl impression on a part but none works better than a good old fashion cut.

Let’s begin by creating a part onto which we can emboss the feature. The bolt part below should do just fine.

All you need to create the knurl is a sketch of the knurl profile and a helix over which the cut is to be done. We, therefore, begin by creating the knurl profile.

The three-degree angle of separation should do just fine.

Next, we develop the swept cut profile using the helix tool.

A path like the one shown above should do just fine. When creating the path the best options to play with are the height of the spiral and the number of revolutions.

Once you have set up the path, you can now go into the features tab and click on the swept cut feature.
Select the profile and the path for the feature then click okay.

Use the circular pattern feature to create a pattern around the part. Your Knurl pattern is now complete.

From this, you can be able to create a knurl pattern of your choosing. Following these simple steps will help you be a knurling pro.


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