Create an object using Loft tool

To start, open new SolidWorks document using File > New > Part > ok command. To use loft command we need to have two different planes which have close sketches. Therefore sketch on the top plane.For the first sketch, right click mouse button on the top plane and select the sketch icon.

image 1

Now, create a circle using the circle tool on the top plane. The dimension of the circle can be changed by using the Smart Dimension icon. Click on the Smart Dimension icon and then click on the circle. In the next step, a dialog box will appear. Type the necessary dimension and click on the ok button.

image 2 image 3

After creating the circle exit from the sketch mode on the top plane by clicking on the sketch button again. Then we need to create another plane. Select the top plane and then Features> Reference Geometry> Plane.


loft tool 4

We can change plane direction and distance to the top plane using the next dialog.

Change the distance – type the distance as 350. We can use flip offset button to change the direction of the new plane relative to the reference plane (top plane in this tutorial). After all is done click ok button on the dialog box. Name the new plane as plane 1. After that we need to sketch on the plane 1. Go to the sketch mode as described above, right click the mouse button on the plane 1 and use Normal To for the clear view of the plane. Following picture explains this procedure.

image 4

Use polygon tool to create the polygon on the plane 1. We can use Smart Dimension tool to change the dimensions accordingly. When you click on the polygon tool, a dialog box pops up which will allow you to make any changes to the parameter and vertices of the polygon. Exit the sketch mode after the polygon is created. Now, use the loft tool to create the object combining the two profiles created. Click on the loft button and select the two profiles by clicking them. Then a loft will automatically generate the shape.


loft tool 6

loft tool 7

image 5

Use Start/End constraints to create the lofted base similar to the first profile we created. Here, I have selected a round profile called sketch 1,so that the lofted base is similar to the round profile. Once you selected the profile, click on the “on” button. Now, select the shell button as we need thin material like sheet metal. Then, click on both the flat surfaces which need to be opened and edit the thickness of the object.


loft tool 9

loft tool 10

Above picture shows the shell command.

Make sure the show preview button is checked to help you see the changes. Finally add a color or texture using edit appearance button.


loft tool 11 loft tool 12

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