Steps to create 2D Models in Solidworks

As three dimensional objects are modeled on solidworks. This three dimensional images can be converted into two dimension with the help of the software. This two dimensional images are referred to as engineering drawing which are used to interpret the specific way a part world be made or designed in the workshop.

How to generate a two dimensional diagram

First we have to create a new file and select the drawing section in solidworks. After selecting the drawing section the sheet format tab would pop up where you would select the type of sheet that would be needed for the drawing .

2d models in solidworks.

After selecting the sheet format on the left menu bar the model view properties opens.

In the model view property we are allowed to select an already saved three dimensional model which would be converted into two dimension by clicking on browse and locating the path of the model.

2d models in solidworks
We can also select the quality of the drawing by changing the thread display to either high or draft quality. Upon selecting the three dimensional model a new tab appears on the left menu which we could select the view of the model we want to make in two dimensions.


Clicking on the position of the sheet we want to make the drawing on we get a similar result as the image below.

2d models in solidworks

After selecting the positions of the views the projection property tab opens up on the left menu bar. In this tab we can edit the type of display of the part, the scale of the drawings and also the type of dimensioning.

2d models in solidworks

To add dimensions on the drawing we select the annotation tab on the top menu .
2d models in solidworks

Which opens ups its features on the menu above it.
2d models in solidworks

Select the smart dimension tool to assign dimensions manually on your sheet other features such as sectioning, surface finishing etc. could be found in other sections of the drawing component.


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