Comparison between Teksoft Procam LASER and new METCAM


1. Importing of all the latest DXF and DWG formats, also the option of importing data straight from other popular 3D CAD systems like Solidworks, Solidedge, Inventor, Pro-e.

2. When Importing DXF and DWG Option of Auto correcting the drawings.
image 1

3. Option of detecting open entities, double entities for drawn parts.
image 2

4. Advanced Features Like automatic corners, notches, and advanced trim functions, AUTO Snap commands.

image 21

5. 99 parametric transition shapes

image 5

6. All the standard shapes and patterns.
image 6


1. Customisable database – Much more powerful than one used in Teksoft Laser, to control various aspects of laser tooling, such as cutting conditions, piercing conditions, approach and escape settings for each machine and material.

image 7

2. This database can be edited to fine-tune the code generated by MetaCAM.
3. Set the tool range colours for quick Identifications.
image 8

4. Inbuilt materials database.

This will specify materials, thicknesses, cutting conditions for each machine.
image 9

5. Advance functions for AUTO TOOLING. More advanced than Procam . Set priorities on how you want to set the auto tooling

image 10

6. Automatic WIREJOINTS/Micro joints. Does not exist in Procam, only manual.

image 11

7. Add Micro joint even after laser cutting (which you cannot do in Procam). The same way one can relocate piercing point by simply dragging it around.

image 12

8. Automatic part layout. (Much more powerful than layout in Procam). Once the part has been laser fitted we can automatically fill the sheet.

image 13

9. Automatic Repositions (Much more powerful than in Procam)

The Sheets can be automatically repositioned, will avoid clamps, with some advanced features like, reverse repositions, and return to start.

image 14

10. Automatic Sequencing. (There is much wider range of options then in Procam) For example one can select to do all the piercing first, preferred on some plasma cutting machines. One can also select to automatically avoid a cut-out. Interactive Sequencing is also simple; one just selects a sequence of pierces.

image 15

11. Once the layout is nested another parts and layout can be added. This is more difficult in  Procam where a layout does not exist as a separate entity from a part.

image 16

12. Edit a part in a layout. Once the layout is nested, and if a part is changed one can select if only that part is updated or whole sheet is updated.

image 17

13. Advance sheet Simulation with error detection.
image 20

14. Printable sheet layout reports for either Punch or Laser, with all the details necessary for manufacturing.
image 18

15. Sequencing of the sheet can be changed manually , the start, direction etc
image 19

Some Additional Features

  • Auto Sheet Slice
  • Nest Part around the clamp.
  • Avoid clamp in traverse
  • Import Solidworks Sheetmetal parts directly without saving as DXF.
  • Auto dimensioning
  • Free Viewer / Metacam files including layout, pdg, G codes etc can be viewed without license .
  • Free DNC link software without license

Options which are available to add to Standard package

3D modeler

Powerful multi sheet nesting.

Save and cut Remanet Sheet

Common cutting

Bend CAM
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