Circuitworks is an add-in to solidworks premium that lets the user model files from electrical CAD systems(ECAD systems).


Ecad software come under the category of designing software used for designing printed circuit boards and integrated circuits.


Example of ECAD software is KICAD, which is a Free Software.


Step by step use of Circuitworks feature in SolidWorks.


Image 1

First of all circuitworks should be enabled from add-ins option.


To do this opens add-ins tab and select circuitworks -> click ok.


This will make another menu for circuitworks in our default home screen in Solidworks.


Image 2

Image 3

Now import the ECAD file to Solidworks, in this example I have a ECAD systems file named cellphone.emn, to import this, go to open ECAD file and browse to the location where your file is saved, click open.


This will import the ecad file to solidworks.


Image 4

This is the basic interface of CircuitWorks.
Similar to MCAD, there is graphics area on the right and menu on the left.

This represents every component used in the designed ECAD file.


In this example, there are 551 components.


Image 5

This is a part of graphics area, different names written, like H1, B300 etc. are names of components used these are declared while designing in ecad software.


Below and above the model, are exceptions which should be considered while editing the design.


Image 7

The exclamation mark represented in some components is the result of unavailability of that component in our library.


Image 8

Image 9

Image 12

To check this, go to the top menu and click on library.


Components library will open up, use this to define our component, select the appropriate component and click ok.


Image 10

To temporarily remove a component from the ecad design, select the component from the list on the left and right click on it, then click on ‘filter out’.


Image 11

This will suppress the component until you ‘filter in’ again.


You can also filter out a group of components from your design by simply going to component filters and giving conditions to filter out components like filter out all the components having size shorter than 1.18mm.

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