Chamfer: SolidWorks Tool

Chamfer is a great tool in solidworks which works like a cut feature. In fact, its functionality is similar with the cut but it cuts or remove the material slightly and different way from the cut. It works like a tapper on edges only. It can move in any direction from the edge of the object. We use it to make a tapper on the outside or top edge. Chamfer is usually use with 45-degree angle or it could change. Second, it uses with distance to distance and lastly from the vertex.

Angle Distance:
Angle distance is the more common chamfer feature. It is used the most of times just we change the distance but normally we do not change the angle. The angle we used is 45-degree. First of all, create a 3D object and then choose the chamfer feature. Angle distance is an auto select option. Now change the distance or angle what you ever. The preview will show you how it looks like after apply the feature.

Distance to Distance:

Distance to distance is also used commonly. In this option, we need to define 2 distances for the chamfer. The distance could equal or also different. So click on the feature and now choose the edge of the object. It is very simple and we can adjust using preview. It looks like same as an angle distance but we adjust the chamfer with distances only with this option.


Vertex is a very common option and that is used for applying feature on the top points only. First of all, choose the feature and now click on the top edge point of the object. In this way, the chamfer will work within 3 directions at the same point. This is an easy and wonderful but it will work only with the point only.


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