Using Configuration Manager in SOLIDWORKS

The Configuration Manager in SOLIDWORKS allows modification of features such as the tolerance, sketches, appearance, features etc. on a single component to produce a different configuration for the same component which may be mass produced in the industry.

How to use the configuration manager
The configuration manager is located on the SOLIDWORKS Manager tab, which are the top most icons on the feature manager tree.

Before we can start using the configuration manager, we first have to import a Continue reading

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Projection Curve Tool in SOLIDWORKS

The projection curve tool is used to project a curve from a plane to a surface in SOLIDWORKS. This projected curve can then be extruded or trimmed depending on the purpose of the projection.

How to use the projection curve –

First, we have to start by importing a part into the graphic area or creating a component.

The next step is to create a plane in reference to the surface we would be projecting on. If the surface is Continue reading

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Solidworks Tutorial – How to Use Curve through XYZ points

When it involves complex entities in SOLIDWORKS, we usually use the spline tool. However, in the case of parabolic curves or involute the spline tool may not give us the accuracy and flexibility we need for a particular geometry.

SOLIDWORKS has provided a way in which we can add complex Profiles such as that of an airfoil with 100% accuracy into the graphic area.

How to add curves through the XYZ axis.

This process would be explained using an airfoil Continue reading

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AUSTECH Exhibition 2017


NCCS, CADCAM company to attend major industry event.

MELBOURNE – NCCS already a leader in the CAD CAM industry is pleased to announce they will be once again attending the Austech Exhibition from 9 – 12 May, organised by AMTIL at Booth 752.

“Austech provides a comprehensive exhibition that attracts thousands of visitors from all around Australia and New Zealand, and it is also a terrific opportunity for us catch up with Customers, industry partners and prospective Customers face to Continue reading

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slider crank mechanism design


The offset slider crank mechanism also referred to as quick return mechanism has its application in shaper machines used in surfacing workpieces.

The advantages of this mechanism to a simple slider crank mechanism are that it allows for a slower forward stroke of the slider to and a faster return stroke.

With this idle time (the time when the machine is not performing cutting) is reduced. Let’s take a look at a simple demonstration of how this mechanism operates Continue reading

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Metacam tool collection

Creating and managing punch tool collections

A punch tool collection is a subset of tools from the entire tool library, and you can designate a particular tool collection be used for tooling up a part.

The Tools/Configuration/Punch Tool Collections brings up the Punch Tool Collections list (See the figure below) where you can create, rename, delete or edit the tool collections.

You can add tools from the tool inventory to the collection, by selecting the tool list on the right, Continue reading

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