Mate Reference in SOLIDWORKS

Is there any way to assemble SOLIDWORKS parts in an assembly with less time and effort? When you repeatedly insert a part in an assembly, it will take so much time to assemble the parts because of multiple mates you need to add on each part and so on. You can use a feature like component patterns to insert multiple parts but they still need the effort to do so. Unlike Mate Reference, you can easily assemble a part in an assembly with a few clicks of your mouse. Mate Reference can be used in SOLIDWORKS assemblies and parts.

Surface from Mesh feature

SOLIDWORKS 2018 now allows manipulation of mesh data imported from external files into SOLIDWORKS with the ability to change its texture by specifying its material properties. SOLIDWORKS 2018 moreover allows more operations to be done on mesh geometry with the new surface from mesh feature. What this feature does is that it allows you to quickly and conveniently turn mesh data into SOLIDWORKS surfaces by following some simple steps. Surface from Mesh feature Looking at the mesh geometry shown, we can quickly model surfaces form the data allowing SOLIDWORKS surface operations to be done on the part.