Creating Exploded Views in SOLIDWORKS Assemblies

SOLIDWORKS Assemblies Are you trying to create an exploded view of your product to explain how it works? Did you know that you can easily create an exploded view in SOLIDWORKS Assembly? Exploded view is a crucial key element to help you explain the relationship of each part in the assembly. Instead of creating different views and using other features, you can use the Exploded View tool. Exploded view location In creating exploded view, you need multiple parts so you can only create it while working in SOLIDWORKS Assembly or if you part has multiple bodies.

Collision Detection in SOLIDWORKS Assembly

When you are working in SOLIDWORKS Assembly, you should be mindful of collisions for your moving components. After creating mates in the assembly, you can try to move a component that seems to be fine in the outside. You will probably not notice that some of them were interfering with the other component which are hard to be seen by just visual checking. But, you can easily check this by using a simple tool in SOLIDWORKS which is called as Collision Detection. It is basically part of the move component and rotate component tool from the assembly toolbar.

SOLIDWORKS Assembly Equations

SOLIDWORKS assembly equations come in handy when working with assemblies that require some linear or circular pattern, such as an assemblage of a flange and a set of bolts. Assembly equations in this type of scenario would help change the number of holes on the flange, while at the same time reducing a number of bolts at the click of a button. In this particular demo, I will be taking you through how you can set up these assembly equations. First, create the flange part. Solidworks assembly equations   Solidworks assembly equations Save this part then move it into an assembly.

3D CAD Key Capabilities – Part and Assembly Modeling

Part and Assembly Modeling

Handle all aspects of your part and assembly modeling with SOLIDWORKS 3D design system. Effective product design involves a wide range of tasks that demand flexibility in your software. 3D solid modeling offers several advantages over traditional 2D design, but you want 3D CAD tools that you can use every day while being powerful enough to handle all the aspects of your design process. With SOLIDWORKS, you get an intuitive 3D CAD system that combines ease-of-use with powerful modeling capabilities that can handle your most complex design projects.