SOLIDWORKS costing is an inbuilt tool inside SOLIDWORKS that helps a manufacturer determine the cost of manufacture of a part, straight from the raw materials to the manufacturing methods. SOLIDWORKS costing gauges the cost of the material and the possible machining method that can be used to model the part.

Creating Exploded Views in SOLIDWORKS Assemblies

SOLIDWORKS Assemblies Are you trying to create an exploded view of your product to explain how it works? Did you know that you can easily create an exploded view in SOLIDWORKS Assembly? Exploded view is a crucial key element to help you explain the relationship of each part in the assembly. Instead of creating different views and using other features, you can use the Exploded View tool. Exploded view location In creating exploded view, you need multiple parts so you can only create it while working in SOLIDWORKS Assembly or if you part has multiple bodies.

How to use SOLIDWORKS Instant3D – Part 1

Are you an experienced SOLIDWORKS user but don’t know how to use Instant3D? Instant3D is enabled by default. You can create a feature like extrude boss, cut, etc. while Instant3D is active. But what does Instant3D actually do? Instant3D lets you work in the graphics are only, you do not need a property manager to modify dimensions and create other features. You are just going to use the handles and rulers like the Instant2D to quickly modify these features dynamically.

Modify your 2D Sketch Dimension immediately with SOLIDWORKS Instant2D

Did you know that there is an easier way to modify the dimension of your sketch in SOLIDWORKS? Did you know that you can just drag the dimension handle to modify it? You must have seen the Instant 2D in the sketch toolbar while you are creating a sketch but still unaware of its functionality. Instant 2D allows you to modify the dimensions in your sketch easily not only by using the dimension handles but also through single clicking the dimension.

Compare your drawing documents using SOLIDWORKS Draw Compare

Do you need to check a drawing if there are any unnecessary changes that have been made? Do you want to compare it with the previous drawing? You can do this in SOLIDWORKS by using Draw Compare. Draw Compare can compare all entities between the two drawing documents. You will be able to see the differences with the displayed color codes in a box labeled as “Differences”. To access Draw Compare, you must go to Tools > Compare > Draw Compare.