Doing a combined thermal and static study in SOLIDWORKS

SOLIDWORKS Simulation has a very powerful finite element analysis tool that allows users to run multiple simulation studies, to name some; frequency, linear dynamic, static, and thermal analyses of components.

One aspect that sets it apart is its ability to run two studies simultaneously for example running both a static and thermal study to see how the component behaves. For this particular tutorial we will consider a simple rod with a rectangular cross-section to demonstrate this capability.

We begin by Continue reading

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Projection Curve Tool in SOLIDWORKS

The projection curve tool is used to project a curve from a plane to a surface in SOLIDWORKS. This projected curve can then be extruded or trimmed depending on the purpose of the projection.

How to use the projection curve –

First, we have to start by importing a part into the graphic area or creating a component.

The next step is to create a plane in reference to the surface we would be projecting on. If the surface is Continue reading

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Setting up a rack and pinion mate in solidworks

SolidWorks diverse assembly capabilities allow for simulation of various kinds of motion. One particular useful motion is that of a rack and pinion; it aims at converting rotary to linear motion and vice versa.

Inside SolidWorks assembly, users can easily set up this mate. Let’s go through how you can easily insert the rack and pinion mate on components from the content library.

Begin by creating a new assembly inside SolidWorks.
Be sure to enable the SolidWorks toolbox add-in in Continue reading

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Tutorial on SOLIDWORKS Part reviewer

SOLIDWORKS part reviewer behaves much like the roll back feature enabling users to see the steps used to generate a part.

The part reviewer can be found under the tools tab or directly accessed from the command window.

Looking at the tv-16 pulley shown below.


If we required to review the part to see the steps used all we need to do is access the part reviewer using the command window.

Once activated the part reviewer appears in the task Continue reading

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Learn How to Think Like a Simulation Engineer

Increase your Engineering Productivity with SOLIDWORKS Simulation.

The SOLIDWORKS Simulation provides the advanced capabilities you need to get to market faster, designers can catch mistakes sooner, change course quickly, and create better-performing products at a lower cost

>>Click here to learn the best practices in simulation and troubleshooting techniques to make your analyses fast, easy, and, best of all, accurate

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Solidworks Flow and static analysis

SOLIDWORKS versatility is extensively demonstrated on the nature of simulations studies it can do. One very important feature we love about SOLIDWORKS Simulation is its capability to run a combination of simulations.

SOLIDWORKS allows users to import the results of say a flow simulation into a static study. Not only that but it allows us to run several simulations concurrently depending on the designer’s needs.

For this example, we will be going over how we can conduct a flow simulation, Continue reading

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Tutorial on SolidWorks slot mate

The Slot mate inside SolidWorks was introduced in SolidWorks 2014 and is one of the easiest mates to set up. The only requirement for slot mates is that the sides must be parallel for straight slots and concentric for radial slots and that the radii are equal.
Let’s model a simple slot in SolidWorks then create an assemblage of the parts which we will set up the slot mate. Let’s begin by creating a new part.


A slot like Continue reading

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