Solidworks Tutorial – How to Use Curve through XYZ points

When it involves complex entities in SOLIDWORKS, we usually use the spline tool. However, in the case of parabolic curves or involute the spline tool may not give us the accuracy and flexibility we need for a particular geometry.

SOLIDWORKS has provided a way in which we can add complex Profiles such as that of an airfoil with 100% accuracy into the graphic area.

How to add curves through the XYZ axis.

This process would be explained using an airfoil Continue reading

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Learn How to Think Like a Simulation Engineer

Increase your Engineering Productivity with SOLIDWORKS Simulation.

The SOLIDWORKS Simulation provides the advanced capabilities you need to get to market faster, designers can catch mistakes sooner, change course quickly, and create better-performing products at a lower cost

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Tutorial on SolidWorks slot mate

The Slot mate inside SolidWorks was introduced in SolidWorks 2014 and is one of the easiest mates to set up. The only requirement for slot mates is that the sides must be parallel for straight slots and concentric for radial slots and that the radii are equal.
Let’s model a simple slot in SolidWorks then create an assemblage of the parts which we will set up the slot mate. Let’s begin by creating a new part.


A slot like Continue reading

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Solidworks Nonlinear Dynamic Contact

For this particular example, we will take a look at how we can setup a Nonlinear Dynamic Simulation inside SOLIDWORKS.

We are going to use this feature to simulate collision between two bodies and see the stresses generated due to this action. Before we run the simulation, we need to create the two bodies inside SOLIDWORKS.
Next we setup the assembly of the parts as shown. Do constrain the motion of the block in one axis while fixing the stopper. Continue reading

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Solidworks Shrink fitting of Cylinders

Shrink fitting is done on cylinders for the purpose of reinforcement against extensive internal pressures that may be a result of high pressure flows through the cylinders. Shrink fitting also helps cylinders cope with extensive external pressures acting on them.

It is, therefore, imperative that the designer or engineer can determine the stress due to shrink fitting and the probable effects on the cylinder walls to avoid possible failure.

Shrink fitting sets up a contact pressure at the interface of Continue reading

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