Compare your drawing documents using SOLIDWORKS Draw Compare

Do you need to check a drawing if there are any unnecessary changes that have been made? Do you want to compare it with the previous drawing? You can do this in SOLIDWORKS by using Draw Compare. Draw Compare can compare all entities between the two drawing documents. You will be able to see the differences with the displayed color codes in a box labeled as “Differences”. To access Draw Compare, you must go to Tools > Compare > Draw Compare.

How to create SOLIDWORKS Configuration for a Part

Why create many SOLIDWORKS part if you could just create a configuration in a single SOLIDWORKS part? Using the part configuration in SOLIDWORKS, you can vary the design by modifying the feature dimensions and tolerances, suppress features, use different sketch planes, control the configuration of a base part, change the size of Hole Wizard Holes, etc. Here is a sample of using a configuration in SOLIDWORKS part:
  1. Go to Configuration Manager.
Using SOLIDWORKS Configuration for a Part Click this icon to access the Configuration Manager. You will see your part name and a default configuration.