Tutorial on SolidWorks slot mate

The Slot mate inside SolidWorks was introduced in SolidWorks 2014 and is one of the easiest mates to set up. The only requirement for slot mates is that the sides must be parallel for straight slots and concentric for radial slots and that the radii are equal.
Let’s model a simple slot in SolidWorks then create an assemblage of the parts which we will set up the slot mate. Let’s begin by creating a new part.


A slot like Continue reading

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tutorial on Universal joint model in SolidWorks

A universal joint is similar to a coupling and is used to transmit rotary motion between shafts that are not coaxial (lying on the same axis). With this, the angular velocity transmission is not the same therefore need for correction by introducing another universal joint at the other end of the shaft.
This is because interference with angular velocity transmission in a transmission system is undesirable. These types of joints are known to be found in cars. Modelling such Continue reading

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2016 Help- exploded view feature on solidworks

The exploded view is a feature on solidworks used to show all components of an assembly. This feature was designed to enable engineers to see completely inside an assembled components to know exactly where a single component is placed and what it is attached to and if rotating what direction it is to rotate.

How to make an exploded view
The exploded view is only available in the assembly section of solidworks.
First we have to have and Continue reading

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Tutorial On Solidworks inspection add-in

Solidworks inspection, an add-in inside Solidworks that helps designers’ fast track creation of detailed drawings including features such as section views and ballooning. Solidworks inspection has two faces. We have the standalone product and the one integrated inside Solidworks. The two differ in functionality and for this particular tutorial, I will be looking at the Solidworks Inspection add-in.
We begin by enabling the Solidworks inspection add-in inside the add-ins folder.
Tutorial On Solidworks inspection add-in

Go ahead to create a model we can Continue reading

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How to create tools using Metacam

Create tools by drawing their shapes. Though it is commonly used to create irregular shaped tools, it also be used to create the popular shaped tools. Design the tool shapes you want to create tools for, as closed polylines. If these are regular tool shapes (circle, rectangle etc), they don’t need any centre point marker. If the tool shapes are irregular, a point entity is needed to mark the centre point of the tool.

After creating the tool drawings, click Continue reading

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Solidworks flow simulation

Solidworks has capabilities of simulating fluid flow characteristics and how the flow impacts on the solid part. Complex calculations characterize how fluid flows through parts and solving these complex equations sometimes becomes tedious and cumbersome.
Solidworks flow simulation package does a great job in simulating such environments and solving said complex calculations. All the user needs to do is input the characteristics of the inlet and those of the outlet.
I will run a simple converging diverging nozzle Continue reading

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Solidworks 2016 Design library

Solidworks like many other CAD software has an extensive design library with many of the standard parts like Nuts, Bolts, Studs, Screws and Keys, just to mention a few. These standard parts are meant to help the designer especially in the assembly phase to create these parts simply and easily. The designer simply just has to drag the parts from the Content center and place them into the existing assembly.
To do this therefore, the user has to first Continue reading

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Tutorial for Solidworks Weldments

This feature inside Solidworks allows the designer to create welds between jointed parts and model the Weldment structure as a single entity.

I will do a simple stool to demonstrate this functionality inside Solidworks.
solid weldments
The part above was created using angle iron structural members present in the Weldments tab. Prior to defining the structural member that you will use you need to first create a sketch of the outline.
solid weldments
Upon creating the sketch you can then define the specifications Continue reading

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Steps for setting Fatigue analysis inside Solidworks

This feature inside Solidworks is very useful since it enables designers determine the stresses that may lead to fatigue failure in a part. This is quite crucial in design of structural elements especially those that are subjected to very heavy loads over a period of time. Solidworks with its multiple simulation capability is once again able to do this simulation with ease.

I will do a T section for this demonstration.

Fatigue analysis inside Solidworks You will notice that you are required to Continue reading

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Tutorial on Solidworks- Multiple body part design

Multi-body part design is a special tool inside Solidworks that allows for modelling a component by breaking it into a multiple number of similar parts hence the name Multiple-body part design.
With this, modification done on a part of the component in turn affects the whole model. This feature applies to bodies that can be modelled using linear or circular patterns and hence once the original body has been modified then all the other bodies follow suit
Below Continue reading

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