Sketching tips in SOLIDWORKS

There are many things that you can do to simplify and increase your productivity in SOLIDWORKS sketching. When you sketch in SOLIDWORKS, you constantly use features like drawing lines and adding dimensions but there are easier ways in using these commands. Autotransitioning When you sketch a line and you want to add a tangent arc you typically click the arc from the command manger but there is an easier way to do it without clicking, it is called “Autotransitioning”.

Creating a Solid body with surfaces in SOLIDWORKS

While working with surfaces in SOLIDWORKS, you would typically add a feature to convert it to a solid body at the end of your design tree. How do you convert it to a solid body? There are many ways to do that. Here you will learn different features of Surfaces that has an option to convert your surfaces to a solid body. Knit Surface  Knit surface is the most commonly used feature in creating a solid body in SOLIDWORKS. It is a tool that can combine two or more surface into one.

Solidworks Shrink fitting of Cylinders

Shrink fitting is done on cylinders for the purpose of reinforcement against extensive internal pressures that may be a result of high pressure flows through the cylinders. Shrink fitting also helps cylinders cope with extensive external pressures acting on them. It is, therefore, imperative that the designer or engineer can determine the stress due to shrink fitting and the probable effects on the cylinder walls to avoid possible failure. Shrink fitting sets up a contact pressure at the interface of the two cylinders. This is equivalent to the radial stresses acting on the cylinder at this point.

tutorial on Universal joint model in SolidWorks

A universal joint is similar to a coupling and is used to transmit rotary motion between shafts that are not coaxial (lying on the same axis). With this, the angular velocity transmission is not the same therefore need for correction by introducing another universal joint at the other end of the shaft.   This is because interference with angular velocity transmission in a transmission system is undesirable. These types of joints are known to be found in cars. Modelling such types of joints becomes essential for any Mechanical engineer.   Solidworks makes modelling of such objects easy.

Tutorial On SOLIDWORKS inspection add-in

SOLIDWORKS inspection, an add-in inside SOLIDWORKS that helps designers’ fast-track creation of detailed drawings including features such as section views and ballooning. SOLIDWORKS inspection has two faces. We have the standalone product and the one integrated inside SOLIDWORKS. The two differ in functionality and for this particular tutorial, I will be looking at the SOLIDWORKS Inspection add-in. We begin by enabling the SOLIDWORKS inspection add-in inside the add-ins folder. Tutorial On Solidworks inspection add-in Go ahead to create a model we can use to showcase this capability. Went with the simple model shown below.