Inserting a contain area inside Camworks

Insert Contain areas feature inside CAMWorks allows designers specify limits of a certain milling operation. Contain areas can be added to rough milling operations and also contour mills. This helps avoid milling areas that are not required to be milled. It makes it easy to specify limits of milling operations thus reducing machine idle time.

CAMWORKS Wire EDM machines

CAMWorks is an efficient machining software that allows users to define the type of processing to be done on the part. Under the machine tab inside CAMWorks users can choose the suitable machine that can be used to perform the operations based on availability of the equipment. One particular machining process incorporated in this interface is the wire EDM machines. These machines take machining on a new perspective.

Using the Area clearance feature in Camworks

The area clearance feature inside Camworks that lets you machine complex surfaces by using several surfacing techniques. It’s a type of multi-surface feature and is quite useful when working on surfaces in 3D. If say we had a surface like the one shown below and we wanted to take it through Camworks so as to get the NC code required to run such an operation then we would simply specify that we require the multi-surface feature due to the surface complexity. using-area-clearance-feature-camworks1 Move to the Camworks feature manager tree and specify your stock dimensions.

Defining a mill-turn operation

CAMWorks is a very powerful and intuitive tool, it gives you the flexibility that you need by providing solutions for both milling and turning at the same time. It lets you perform all these operations under one setup, thus reducing workload. CAMWorks also has an automatic feature recognition tool that assist users in identifying the machinable parts automatically and subsequently generating their respective tool paths. I will do a simple part to demonstrate this capability in CAMWorks. defining-a-miller-turn defining-a-miller-turn Looking at the part above, we require both a mill and a turn.

Machining a chamfer in CAMWorks

CAMWorks 2.5 axis feature lets us define numerous features on our part and subsequently generate the operation plans required to bring these features to life. One particular parameter (chamfering) can be easily defined using the 2.5 axis feature under the mill part setup. We will go with a simple part demonstrating how we can add a chamfer operation into our operation plan without necessarily using the Extract machinable feature tool. Begin by creating a simple enough part like the one below. machining-a-chamfer-in-camworks1 In the CAMWorks tab, we begin by defining our machine and setting our stock definition (size).

Open pocket and Boss operations in CAMWorks

Numerous machining operations exist within the CAMWorks interface that enables faster and more efficient feature recognition, allowing the designer to quickly determine the appropriate operations to be carried out for a specific part. For this particular tutorial, I will be distinguishing the difference between an open pocket and a boss operation.

Programming a Corner Slot in Camworks

Camworks is an intuitive and highly efficient software that allows generation of NC code for machining complex surface features. Camworks is very user-friendly allowing the designer to easily define the operations required to generate a certain geometric pattern.

CAMWorks 2016|Automatic feature recognition

This is a very unique tool inside CAMWorks that allows one to automatically extract the machinable features from a part designed in Solidworks. The AFR tool not only identifies these features but it also recommends the best operation that can be used to machine said features.