Caravan Design And Development With SOLIDWORKS

Thank you for your interest in SOLIDWORKS.

Where Caravan manufacturers see a return

  1. Quickly produce  3D concepts
  2. Automatic sheet metal flat pattern (directly export to DXF inside SOLIDWORKS)
  3. Automatic cut list generation with pricing
  4. Quickly produce production drawings with automatic BOM
  5. Reuse Concept design to generate 2D drawings
  6. Automate quoting/material pricing
  7. Automatic design changes update – use Excel for custom designs
  8. Simulate stress testing to improve quality of product and lighten weight of product
  9. Create 3D assembly instructions and 2D manuals using exploded views
  10. Access weight information at concept level
  11. Verify that custom trailers will fit with other standard components

SOLIDWORKS could have a large impact on your business; Reducing drafting and engineering time by 50% or more:

  1. Lead your field
  2. Beat your competition to market
  3. Reduce manual labour
  4. Deliver product faster and correctly
  5. Improve cash flow by winning more projects
  6. Design better products
  7. Increase quality, eliminate over engineering and predict any warranty issues
  8. Local support and training,