CAM Tutorial: how to Create Tapered Pockets in CAMWORKS

CAMWORKS Wire EDM machines

CAMWorks is an efficient machining software that allows users to define the type of processing to be done on the part. Under the machine tab inside CAMWorks users can choose the suitable machine that can be used to perform the operations based on availability of the equipment. One particular machining process incorporated in this interface is the wire EDM machines. These machines take machining on a new perspective. We will go through how CAMWorks can define user operations that are basically milling operations.

We begin by creating a simple part inside SOLIDWORKS


Once the part is created, move to the CAMWorks feature manager tree and begin to define the stock and machine.
Under the machine definition, click on wire EDM and press ok.


Under the wire EDM we still have a lot of machines to choose from. We can choose to go with the default or select any preference from the drop down menu.


Once that is done, edit the settings specifying the wire size to be used and various other parameters by moving to the edit settings option still under the machine selection.
One thing great about CAMWorks that sets it apart from other CAM machining software is the Extract Machinable Features which gets you going.

Click on Extract Machinable Features and users will notice that CAMWorks automatically detects the open profile and the hole and designates the appropriate operations to tackle these features.


Go ahead and generate the operation plans for these operations.


From the 2-axis contour operation we can choose to modify several aspects of the process as shown above.

Once we have made the modifications, we can generate and simulate the tool path to visualize how the cut is done


Once the cut is done, we can then remove the cut parts by clicking on them and pressing ctrl D.

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