Camworks five axis drill feature

CAMWorks 5 axis drill feature let’s you define multi-axis drilling on a part. All we need are lines defining the axis of the drilled holes and CAMWorks will do the rest.

We begin by creating a part inside SOLIDWORKS with multiple drilled holes on several faces of the part.

For this particular part, I used Hole Wizard in SOLIDWORKS to generate the drill holes. Even though part is quite simple, the drill feature in CAMWorks has limitless capabilities and is able to work with complex parts.

We need to define the drill holes’ positions and depth using lines. This will prove useful at a later stage. Once we do this, we can then proceed to the CAMWorks Feature Manager Tree. Notice that our stock has already been predefined with the limits of the part in question.

Right click on the mill part setup and select the new multi-surface feature.

Select the all displayed option in the feature type and click ok.

Notice that a new Multi-surface feature is added under the mill part setup.

Click on the mill part setup in the subsequent operation and select multi-axis mill as shown above. We can then define this multi-axis mill using the multi-axis feature we have created.

Clicking on the green marker sets up the operation plan and all we need to do now is generate it. We can adjust the tooling at this stage since our end game is performing a drilling operation.

We can adjust the pattern to one of drilling; and for the lines, we can select the drill sketch defining your hole position and geometry.

We can then subsequently generate the tool path and finally simulate it. With these simple steps, we now know how to set up a 5 axis drilling operation easily in CAMWorks.


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