A Tutorial on Camworks 2 axis TAPER

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One of our CamWorks customer had this query-“Here the challenge is to machine a diameter of 1200mm on 3 degree draft approaching in the Z axis but I only have 2.5 axis machining option.Taking small steps with a ball nose end mill”

Our application engineer has given best solution for this query.
When you define a 2.5 Axis feature, you can use either the automatic method of defining the side wall of the feature or a manual method that requires user input of a taper angle. The allowable automatic and manually defined side wall sections are shown below.

The manual method allows you to define a feature with constant taper,Pocket,Slot,Corner Slot,Boss and Open Profile features with taper can be defined manually.
Here are some of the options available for taper machining

  • Taper with top/bottom chamfers
  • Taper with top chamfer/bottom filler
  • Taper with top chamfer
  • Taper with top/bottom fillets
  • Taper with top fillet/bottom chamfer
  • Taper with top fillet

Here is the detailed solution,We have tried our best to keep it simple, so everyone can understand easily.
Please go through the below video and let us know if you have more questions on this topic