Working with planes in SOLIDWORKS

One very useful skill to have when working in SOLIDWORKS is working with planes. These set of skills comes in handy when working on parts that require you to insert planes in absurd orientations.

Knowing your way around setting up of planes, therefore, becomes a necessary skill. In this demo, I will be taking you through how to work with planes.
Go into SOLIDWORKS and create a new sketch.

This prompts you to select one of the pre-existing planes so Continue reading

Modelling a golf ball in SOLIDWORKS

Because of SOLIDWORKS superior modelling techniques, then a number of parts with complex shapes is possible. In this particular tutorial, I will be taking you through how to model a Golf ball in SOLIDWORKS.

First, we need to create the dome-like structure representing the golf ball.

Next, we create one of the golf ball holes with which we will be able to create a pattern of.

Do a revolved cut to create the hole. We then create our reference geometry Continue reading

Creating Section views in SOLIDWORKS

Section views in many CAD modelling software are useful in revealing internal features of a part some of which may be obscured. Features like sunk holes with varying diameters at different depths may be difficult to identify unless with the help of section views. Solidworks is able to create section views based of the multi-views of a part (front, side or plan view). Section views can either be

  • Half section
  • Full section

A full section involves using a cutting plane Continue reading

Inserting a contain area inside Camworks

Insert Contain areas feature inside CAMWorks allows designers specify limits of a certain milling operation. Contain areas can be added to rough milling operations and also contour mills.

This helps avoid milling areas that are not required to be milled. It makes it easy to specify limits of milling operations thus reducing machine idle time. Contain areas are basically the exact opposite of avoid areas.

Rather than specifying the area we want to keep out off, the contain area feature Continue reading


July 6, 2017
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Camworks five axis drill feature

CAMWorks 5 axis drill feature let’s you define multi-axis drilling on a part. All we need are lines defining the axis of the drilled holes and CAMWorks will do the rest.

We begin by creating a part inside SOLIDWORKS with multiple drilled holes on several faces of the part.

For this particular part, I used Hole Wizard in SOLIDWORKS to generate the drill holes. Even though part is quite simple, the drill feature in CAMWorks has limitless capabilities and is Continue reading


June 30, 2017
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Doing a combined thermal and static study in SOLIDWORKS

SOLIDWORKS Simulation has a very powerful finite element analysis tool that allows users to run multiple simulation studies, to name some; frequency, linear dynamic, static, and thermal analyses of components.

One aspect that sets it apart is its ability to run two studies simultaneously for example running both a static and thermal study to see how the component behaves. For this particular tutorial we will consider a simple rod with a rectangular cross-section to demonstrate this capability.

We begin by Continue reading


June 23, 2017
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