Smart Explode Line Tool

With SOLIDWORKS 2018 comes the Smart Explode line tool that allows you to create and manipulate Exploded views in assemblies with much more ease. Exploded views are useful in displaying and easily visualizing our design assemblies. It sequentially shows all the components making up the assembly with their assembly directions and how all these components come together. Below shows an assembly and its corresponding Exploded view format.

Smart Explode Line Tool

Smart Explode line tool 2

To enable the smart Explode line tool simply go to the Exploded view Continue reading

SOLIDWORKS Bill of Materials

Bill of materials tables are important aspects of any engineering drawing since they identify the number and type of parts present in an assembly, and very many other important aspects of the design.

With the Bill of materials feature the designer can also quickly note the materials making up the parts and the number of parts required and therefore come up with the appropriate inventory list.

I went with the simple assembly below to demonstrate this capability.

We are first Continue reading

Creating a knurl pattern in SOLIDWORKS

Surfaces on machine parts sometimes require a rough finish so as to enhance grip when held by the hand.

Knowing how to create a knurl impression becomes useful so that a machinist knows when to emboss such a feature on a pattern. There are several ways in which you can create a knurl impression on a part but none works better than a good old fashion cut.

Let’s begin by creating a part onto which we can emboss the feature. Continue reading

SOLIDWORKS Beam Calculator

The beam calculator feature inside Solidworks allows designers examine the effects of forces acting on supported beams. To begin the analysis we first have to enable the Solidworks toolbox add-in inside Solidworks add-ins folder.

Enabling this add-in incorporates the beam calculator, Cam design, Bearing calculator and the structural steel design under the toolbox folder.

The designer can now be able to run the beam calculator based off the different beam designs i.e. beams with varied supports and different points of Continue reading

Solidworks Assembly constraints

Constraints are the most important features of an assembly since they limit the degrees of freedom of a part allowing the designer to specify movability of the part.

Several mate constraints exist within Solidworks ranging from simple standard mate constraints like coincident mates that constrains two surfaces to each other, concentric mates that constrains two cylindrical parts to move along the same axis to mechanical mates like cam, slot, hinge and gear mates.

I will do some simple mates to Continue reading

Creating custom appearances in SOLIDWORKS

SOLIDWORKS is a quite versatile CAD modelling software and one of its advantages is that it allows the user to create custom features.

An example is the custom form tool feature that allows a designer to create a custom forming tool from a part file in a shape created to suit the designer’s needs.

This makes the software useful especially when what one requires is not in the design library.

In this demo, I will be taking you through how Continue reading