Assemblies in SolidWorks 2016

Solidworks 2016 comes with assembly enhancements to speed up the assembly process and to increase productivity.

Image 1

Profile center mate has been added to the quick mate options.

To access quick mate option right click anywhere.

Profile center mate detects a suitable mate for the selected parts and applies it. As shown.

Image 2

Image 3

Also, lock rotation mate is added with the profile center.

Lock rotation mate applies those mates which will stop the parts from any relative rotatory motion.

Image 4

In solidworks 2016, symmetric mate is used to bind 3 faces together using symmetry, thus, saving a lot of time as it reduces the amount of manual mates.

This mate is used when 3 selections are made. Width mate is used when 4 selections are made.

In Solidworks 2016, we can select similar parts at once, and apply mates at the same time.

Image 5

In solidworks 2016, temporary fix tool is introduced, this tool fixes a part temporarily so that mates can be applied easily in complex assemblies having high degree of freedom.

Image 6

In solidworks 2016, you can copy components by going to edit menu, click on copy.

Any existing mates will also be copied.

Image 7

Image 6

One more enhancement in assembly introduced in SolidWorks 2016 is the preview window of a part.

You can select a part and preview it on the right hand side, while applying mates on the graphics area.

This is useful because the part which is on preview becomes transparent on the graphics window.

Component preview window.

Image 9

Image 10

Part selected for preview becomes transparent on the graphics area.

Useful for mating small parts.

Image 11

Mating of parts because of transparency becomes easier and a lot faster.

Solidworks 2016 increases designing productivity many times then its previous versions.

Image 12

Purge unused features is a new tool introduced in solidworks 2016.

This tool looks for obsolete reference geometry in a part or an assembly and collectively shows them to the user.

It’s up to the user to delete these geometries.

Image 13

New favorites tab has also been added in design library.

Image 14

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