Animating assembly with SolidWorks

Animation in SolidWorks is another tool to demonstrate people how your assembled part works. You can save the animation to your hard drive, in a simple video format.


There’s another merit of using this tool to study motion, it is that you don’t have to share your original assembled file. Just sharing the video played by any video supported device will make people understand your assembled part better.


Step by step use of animation of simple demonstrations:



Create this sketch using features like sketch tools, extrude, revolve, extrude cut etc. then create this assembly and we will try to animate this.


Assembled part property manager

Assembled part property manager.

ExplodeThen go to explode, to create the exploded view of the assembly made.


Exploded View
Create exploded view by dragging the origin.


Exploded Assembly Exploded assembly


Click on configuration tab, go to explview1 right click on it and click on collapse.


collapsed view

Collapsed View

Motion Study

Go to motion study which is used to animate the assembly, click on the motion study leaf, which is located along with model leaf.


Motion Study Leaf

This is a pallet to animate the assembly.

pallet to animate the assembly

Different features like applying path or applying linear or radial motor can be performed with this pallet.



Click on motor and apply the motor to that part which will provide rotary motion to the mechanism.


indicated part for motor

Above is the indicated part is the part where motor should be applied.


Image 1

Select the part.

Image 2

Select speed type constant or variable.



Graph for our variable speed of the rotary motor.


image 3

After the application of motor to the suitable part, we will see some animation being generated.


image 4

Drag the animation line to increase the length of animation.

image 5

Drag it up to 50 seconds.

image 6

Click play to start the animation.


image 7 image 8 image 9

image 10Next sketch this to create a path for camera.

image 11

Collapsed view with the sketch.

image 12

This sketch will serve as the path for camera. This will make the animation from different angles which looks more aesthetic.

image 13

Set the path for camera.

image 14

Assembly from the perspective of the camera.

image 15 image 16 image 17

Start the animation wizard to complete the animation.

image 18Set these parameters and click finish.


image 19 image 20 image 21The animating assembly from different views in SolidWorks.

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