Step by Step tutorial for 3D Rendering Solidworks 2016

Solidworks provides the ability to produce a 3D prototype of a model, given it the expected appearance of the final model

Steps on how to get to your final product?
Start by modeling all required part on solid works


Next step is selecting the appearance of the different parts, by clicking on appearance/color


By selecting the appearance you would see a drop down menu which shows you some materials but this gives you just the appearance of the material but for more analysis is better to select the material if need required to calculate the weight.
Or by selecting the material, used in more analytical situation which involves estimating the weight or other properties


Another feature is the selection on scene for the rendering. Basically solidworks has a default scene which is the 3D point faded, but you are able to change the scene by clicking on the scene which could be found in different places on your workspace


By clicking on the button a menu appearances of the various scene available on solidworks, by also clicking on manage favorites to add some also hidden scene on your software.


The render tab is found by clicking on solidworks Add-ins


Still on top menu bar select photo view 360


A new small tab would pop up called rendering


Clicking on it would expand all rendering options including final and render region, clicking on final render to see the complete view of your model while selecting the render region would allow just rendering of a specific region on the model to which is shown in a pink box.


Finally to improve the quality of your render you can adjust the scene, lightning and position of the camera from the left menu bar

This allows you to change the brightness, the direction of light the camera position on so on.
After all your selection and editing of the appearance you then click on the final render which pop up a new window and begins rending and image of the product.


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