3D Medical Limited

3D Medical is a leading medical and healthcare specific 3D technology company with products and services that include 3d printing, enterprise data management solutions, as well as other new and novel technologies that leverage and more broadly apply the data already being captured in the medical and healthcare sector.


With the ever-continuing advances in innovative technologies, 3D Medical strives to be at the forefront of delivering state of the art products from around the world and providing the most comprehensive and professional service available. 3D Medical is now able to translate existing data into more meaningful formats that seeks to improve practitioner effectiveness and better patient outcomes.


3D Medical Limited was incorporated in 2013 and is based in Melbourne, Australia. It has been established to focus on commercialising the greater use and broader application of the images and data already being captured by the diagnostic imaging sector.Through the developmental convergence of a number of technologies across data capture, management and application, the company believes that the medical and healthcare sector is about to enter an unprecedented era of personalised medical solutions that will revolutionise current practices and protocols.


They offer;


  • A 3D printing service, which provides medical professionals with tactile patient specific and anatomically precise three dimensional models;
  • Mach7, an enterprise image management platform that enables ownership, sharing, and access to medical imaging data;
  • MediData, analytical software designed to provide medical practices the ability to improve their analytical capabilities so to better understand the characteristics of referrals and patients;
  • Echopixel launched in Mar 2015, is a holographic projection technology, which employs imaging techniques that suspends images in 3D enabling users to manipulate, crop, dissect, and segment the suspended image. EchoPixel has created a pioneering technology with clinically relevant applications.
  • GestSure, an in operating theatre device designed to facilitate sterility maintenance by allowing non contact hand gesture controlled interface and interaction with diagnostic imaging data for reference during a surgical procedure.


Maintaining an ethos of innovation and advancing new and emerging technologies relevant to the medical and healthcare sector,3D Medical aims to revolutionize medical best practices and protocols so to improve clinical efficacy and workflow and patient outcomes. Its ultimate focus on successful patient outcomes has made it the pre-eminent company in the medical industry.

To learn more about 3D Medical Ltd. visit their website at http://www.3dmedical.com.au