3 Axis milling in CAMWORKS

3 axis milling feature inside CAMWORKS 3 axis milling features after running the Extract Machinable features. This allows the designers add custom machining features on their designs.
The feature allows one to perform complex surfacing operations, or applying operations within contained sections of the design.
I created a simple part to demonstrate this capability in CAMWORKS which is integrated within Solidworks.

3 axis milling camworks

I will be using both the 2.5 milling axis features and the 3 milling axis features inside CAMWORKS. For the 2.5 milling axis features we ill just let CAMWORKS automatically extract the Machinable features.


From the CAMWORKS feature manager tree we can see that the AFR feature identified two features (The two holes and the rectangular pocket). I proceeded to run the mill part setup and generate the tool path for these operations.

Once this is done I proceeded to create a 3 Axis mill feature to machine the middle section. The 3 axis feature is referred to as the multi surface feature.

Proceed to then generate the operation plan for the multi surface feature.

3 axis milling camworks

3 axis milling camworks
The operations are added under the CAMWORKS feature manager tree.
You can then configure the operations by changing certain aspects of the operations to suit your needs like changing the type of tooling used and the pattern by moving through this tabs in the edit definition icon.

3 axis milling camworks

When you are done you need to specify the limits of the operation i.e. the contained area. You do this by right clicking on the operation and selecting new contain area.

3 axis milling camworks

For the pattern project we also run create a contain area to limit the operation within the specified contour.

3 axis milling camworks
Once you have ensured that everything is in order you can simulate the tool path and observe how the part is machined.
3 axis milling camworks


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