2016 SOLIDWORKS Help – Creating Revolve Features

Rotate boss/base is an feature on solidworks that allows you to move in a circular part around a defined axis. This feature is just found in the part segment of solidworks, it is exceptionally prevalent element to utilize when making components as wheels of autos, bikes and so on.
Different Uses of the revolve boss/base features
Revolving around a components axis
The revolve feature is located left on the top menu in the component section
revolve feature

The revolve feature can be used for symmetrical components.(For example- modelling of a sphere)
Initially we have to make a sketch of a complete circle in work space
solidworks revolve
Since a circle is said to be symmetrical we would divide the circle into two by drawing a line in the center of the circle and trimming the other half.
After this we can locate the revolve feature in the top menu, clicking on it would open the properties on the left menu bar. On this property bar we would select the center line as the axis revolution.
solidworks revolve
Upon selecting the accept button we will have a similar result as the image below.
Revolving around a different components axis

This feature is similar to the first way of revolving but in this case we would have more than one component.
First we will create a component of any shape, for example we make a circular extrude on the front plane

solidworks revolvee

Next step is to draw a center line on the component we extruded in the front plane. But we are not using the center line on the front plane but selecting another plane i.e the right plane as in the image above
After drawing the center line on the same plane (right plane) we make a sketch of the shape we wish to revolve. Clicking on the revolve feature and selecting the center line as the axis of revolution we obtain a similar image as that of the picture below

revolve features
In the property bar we can also change the degree we wish to revolve the component on the selected axis.

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